Tofu 60 con switch gateron Oil King

Custom KB

Do you want your keyboard to be a unique keyboard customized your way like these?


Some custom keyboards
At Denshi Electronic we have a team specialized in customizing your keyboard and making it 100% tailored to your needs.
  • You will be able to choose from all the available Layout types (keyboard layout).
  • You will be able to choose which materials you want for the box.
  • You can also choose the types of Switches you prefer.
  • And of course, you can choose the Keycaps (keys) you like the most on the market to combine the colors you like and even choose from your favorite themes.

Besides all this, our team offers all the services of lubrication and improvement of keyboards, modifying them so that you have the best keyboard on the market!

Enter this link and contact us to customize your keyboard:



Here are some examples of keyboards we have assembled for our customers:



This is a Mechanical Keyboard with QWERTY / ANSI Layout in 60% format with 61 keys.

With a walnut wood case + wrist rest, lubricated Gateron Black switches and special edition Lotus Flower Keycaps made of PBT.




In this case it is also a 60% format keyboard with 64 keys, but the layout is ISO Spanish. With the enter in the form of inverted L and with the Ñ that we need so much in Spain.
It is mounted in a PC case (Polycarbonate) transparent, so that the RGB underglow of the PCB can shine.

The switches are Gateron Milky Yellow Lubricated. These switches are factory lubricated, but sometimes we prefer to lubricate them again with our lubricants. Without a doubt these switches are one of the best options and are one of the most loved among the community.

The keycaps, as we have already mentioned, are Keycaps with Spanish ISO distribution, with retro theme and of course, made of PBT.




Another one of the keyboards. In this case it is a 60% keyboard also with 63 keys, but this time, again, it is an ANSI layout.

This is a blue Low Profile case, made of anodized aluminum, with small legs on the front to raise the keyboard.

In this case, the switches chosen are Gateron Oil King. Very good quality switches, which are factory lubricated. In this case we have decided to re-lubricate them with our lubricant and film them (it is a thin film of PC or HTV, which is placed between the top cover and the bottom base of the switches to improve the movement clearance).

Finally, the keycaps that the customer has decided to mount, are PBT Macaw keycaps. A perfect match for this keyboard.



In this case we have an ANSI keyboard with TKL (Ten Key Less) format.

It is an 87-key keyboard, with a white ABS case.

This keyboard was assembled for a customer who is a Warzone player. For this reason, this keyboard is a little more peculiar than usual, as it has two types of switches.

It has linear Gateron Red switches, lubricated, but for the W,A,S,D and E keys, it has tactile Gateron Brown switches, so you know which keys you are pressing without having to look.

The keycaps are PBT Darling. Thus making a perfect keyboard combination for a gamer.







Enter this link and contact us to customize your keyboard:





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Después de realizar el pedido, contactaron conmigo muy rápidamente para solventar una duda sobre el mismo. La atención es muy buena a la par de profesional. Me enviaron el teclado en un plazo muy corto.
Estoy encantado con el teclado, calidad muy buena.

Carlos Villanueva Simón

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