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It always happens to us that we have an electronic device, which needs a cable to power it or to charge the battery, but this cable is often not of quality or ends up breaking due to use. For this purpose we have created these cables. They are cables of superior quality, which are made carefully and with the best materials on the market, and designed for long life.

In this review we are going to show you the pros of a cable like this and why you should get one.

  • The first layer, the cable , the most important part of the product, which has the function of transmitting and interconnecting the devices to which it is connected. This cable is made up of a 4-wire core, completely shielded, and twisted in pairs to avoid interference caused by external devices or cables. In this way, our cables make the most of the speed and do not have problems due to interference.
  • The second layer, the Paracord mesh . It is a nylon mesh, which completely covers the cable to give it toughness and prevent it from breaking or breaking easily. Originally, Paracord mesh was used in parachute cords and climbing guy ropes. Taking these applications into account, it can be deduced that its function protecting the cable is perfect.
  • The third layer, the Techflex mesh. This layer is formed again, by a mesh, but this is a plastic mesh. The main function of this mesh is to protect the second layer, the Paracord, to prevent it from fraying or tearing.
  • The aviator is a quite important part of this cable, since it obviously has the aesthetic function of fitting with the whole and looking good, but it also has a quite useful part; This connector can be used as a quick coupler when you have two or more computers on which you use the same keyboard. Instead of continually changing the cable for each computer, with a cable like this, you exchange that connector in a simpler and more comfortable way.
  • The greatest use of the coil is to simplify and make the most of the space possible. With a cable that has a coil like this, you will never have that problem of always having the cable pulled and tangled on the table, the cable will always be firm and tidy.
  • The connectors are of very good quality. These are silver connectors, with a Nickel plating. They are connectors prepared for high data transfers and a long useful life.


    1. The color combination is White Paracord and Black Techflex. The heat shrinkable ones are black.
    2. In this case, the cable is made up of two parts. The first part, which has the coil that measures 18-20 cm or 24-26 cm, depending on your choice, and has the two connectors at 90°.
    3. You have the option to choose from the multiple available aviators .
    4. It is used to charge your mobile phone or tablet, as well as to connect and transmit data with any device compatible with the connector of your choice.


    1. You will have the option to choose the size of the coil . The smallest coil measuring between 18-20 cm long. The largest coil measuring between 24-26 cm long.
    2. You will have the option to choose the cable size . You will have 4 measurements. 50 cm, 1 m, 1.50 m and finally 2 m.
    3. You will have the option to choose the type of aviator you would like for this cable. If you don't know the differences, or have not yet decided which one you prefer, take a look at the comparison we make.

    Without a doubt, if you have a custom keyboard, a cable with these characteristics is one of the best options you can have, since it is what is most used because it makes a spectacular combination and in addition to that, it gives you very good functionalities. If you want a good quality cable, this is yours!

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