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Denshi electronic



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Mechanical keyboards often tend to be quite high, and this is a disadvantage for many users, since when you spend hours typing in front of the computer, your wrists tend to get tired and in fact, you end up with aches and pains due to poor posture. . For this purpose, wrist rests or "Wrist rests" were created.

This time it is a walnut wood wrist rest, finely polished and varnished. Each wrist rest is made of natural wood, the grains and knots are natural and no two are the same.

At the bottom, it has two rubber bands that act as a grip. In this way it is able to adapt perfectly to any type of keyboard, and it will not move under any circumstances, since the grip of the rubber will prevent this.

With this natural walnut wood wrist rest, you will avoid having wrist problems again and you will be much more comfortable writing or playing. Without a doubt the best choice you could choose for your comfort.

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