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CRKBD Corne Low Profile Acrylic Granite

CRKBD Corne Low Profile Acrylic Granite

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CRKBD Corne Low Profile Clear Granite (Corne Helidox)


  • Structure: Sandwitch Low Profile Mount
  • Case: Denshi Electronic Designed Acrylic Low Profile Custom Case
  • PCB: This is the standard V3.0.1 version of the CRKBD. It has underglow RGB and Per-key RGB on top, VIA/QMK support)
  • MCU: ProMicro Type-C Microcontroller
  • Switch compatibility: Cherry Style Switches
  • Plate: Designed Acrylic Custom Plate
  • Display: OLED SSD 1306 Display
  • Keycaps : 3D Printed Granite Low Profile Keycaps
  • TRRS Cable: 1m TRRS Cable


  • PCB with kailh HotSwap x2
  • Acrylic Low Profile Case x2
  • Acrylic Plate x2
  • ProMicro Type-C x2
  • OLED Display x2
  • TRRS Jack x2
  • Reset Switch x2
  • 42 Switch x1
  • Keycaps set x1
  • USB AC Custom Cable x1
  • TRRS Custom Cable x1
  • Screws and rubber feet

PCB design by foostan

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