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Denshi electronic



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It is a desk mat with a minimalist drawing of a mountain, behind a forest at dusk.

It is a mat with a smooth and soft surface, made of fabric, with embroidery on the outside that acts as a stop or block, and gives it a very beautiful and well-kept aesthetic. The surface bears the engraving of the drawing with great quality.

The measurements are 400 x 900 x 2mm. It is made of a high-quality waterproof coating that prevents damage or stains caused by a possible spilled liquid. The back of the mat is lined with a rubberized surface, which is responsible for gripping perfectly on the surface on which it is placed, thus avoiding possible slipping in case a sudden movement is made with the mouse, for example.

Without a doubt, it would be an ideal mat for a person who spends hours in front of the computer, and needs a comfortable and smooth surface. In fact, it is perfect for any Gaming player, since the rubberized surface means that you can manipulate your mouse without problems with the mat slipping and giving you optimal grip.

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